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Bathmate Hydromax vs HydroXtreme

Comparison: Bathmate Hydromax vs Bathmate HydroXtreme

This is a comparison between my two favourite penis pumps. The Bathmate Hydromax was the first water pump I ever tested and the HydroXtreme was the third. Overall I can tell you very quickly that the HydroXtreme is the best pump out of the two (I’m sure that doesn’t surprise you). However let’s go into more detail so that you can see the reasons behind this and I’ll also go into value for money and whether the savings you make by buying a HydroMax are worth giving up some of the luxuries of the HydroXtreme.

Penomet Penis Pump

Review of Penomet Penis Pump (All Gaiters)

What could be better than a water penis pump? Maybe a pump with six interchangeable gaiters, each at different strengths? We spent two months putting the Penomet Penis Pump to the test. Does it work? How good is it? Is it better than Bathmate? Let’s find out…