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Sexy Jack the Lantern Halloween Illustration

12 Ideas for a Naughty and Erotic Halloween

That scary, creepy, horrifying time of the year is almost upon us. Halloween doesn’t HAVE to be that way though. Let’s do away with the lame cheap thrills Halloween experience this year. Let’s do something sensual. Let’s make Halloween naughty and sexy. Here are some ideas for a naughty Halloween with your partner(s).

Naughty Inktober 2018 by Obsession Rouge

In case you hadn’t already noticed, we’re doing Inktober 2018! Our theme is well… naughtiness. Expect kinky, naughty, dirty, erotic images from us 😉

We’ll update this post every day of October 2018, so check back often to see the new illustrations! You can also follow us and our Inktober illustrations on twitter or instagram. We may censor some of our images on social media, so you’ll find the full images here.


100 Sexy Questions to ask your lover (free printout)

This is a list of 100 questions to print out and ask your partner. We love opening a bottle of wine and thinking of a bunch of sexy questions for each other sometimes. It is the perfect foreplay to a romantic night or a sexy valentines day. We would have loved to have a list of questions like this to print out, so that’s what we’ve done for you 😉