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Week 4 /8: Penomet Penis Pump Test

Penomet pump with the purple gaiter

Fourth week of my Penomet Penis Pump test. This week I have been using the purple gaiter again as advised by Penomet’s official pumping program (Force 65).

Your blue and purple gaiters may be the opposite way around, so make sure you check which is which. This was my last week using Force 65!

Thank you to the kind people at Penomet (affiliate link), who sent us a free sample kit and made this test possible! Please consider using my affiliate link, it will help me fund more tests like this!

All values you see are increases and decreases from the baseline measurements, they are not accumulative values.

Week 4 Results

Baseline measurements taken on Day 1 (length and girth, flaccid and erect). The increases or decreases you see are from this baseline and are not accumulative.

Days 25 – 28 no pumping.

Day 29:

Flaccid size (after pumping)
Length:    +1.5 inches (3.81cm)
Girth:      +1.5 inches (3.81cm)

Day 30:

Flaccid size (after pumping)
Length: +1.25 inches (3.17cm)
Girth:  +1.5 inches (3.81cm)

Days 31 no pumping.

Day 32:

Flaccid size (after pumping)
Length:      +1.75 inch (4.45cm)
Girth:  +0.2 inches (3.81cm)

Erect size (after pumping)
Length:      0 (No difference from day 1).
Girth:  +0.2 inches (0.5cm)

Day 33:

Flaccid size (after pumping)
Length:    +1.5 inches (3.81cm)
Girth:      +1.4 inches (3.55cm)

Day 34:

Flaccid size (after pumping)
Length:      +1.75 inch (4.45cm)
Girth:  +1.5 inches (3.81cm)

My flaccid gains are still much higher than my erect gains. There are also fluctuations in the sizes between days, reminding me that the penis size varies between days, depending on mood, restfulness, temperature and a variety of other factors. Honestly I was getting very bored this week doing the pumping. My week has been very busy so it was difficult to spend so much time in the shower. Especially as this was another week where I was using the Force 65 gaiter (even though I like this one a lot)!

Next week I will move on to the black coloured Force 70 gaiter, which is the one that makes the Penomet most closely resemble my Bathmate Hydromax.

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