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Week 1 /8: Penomet Penis Pump Test

Penomet review Force 60 gaiter week 1

This is the first week of a test I am currently doing of the Penomet Penis Pump. I am testing all of the gaiters with the official exercise guide. This week I have been using the lightest gaiter (Force 60).

Please note that with your Penomet, the blue gaiter and purple gaiters might be switched (purple = 60, blue = 65). With my kit the colours were the other way around, which is why you see the blue gaiter in my image.

Thank you to the kind people at Penomet (affiliate link), who sent us a free sample kit and made this test possible! Please consider using my affiliate link, it will help me fund more tests like this!

In seven weeks, I will do a full review of the entire Penomet Premium Kit. For now I can tell you that the device with gaiter 60 is very comfortable and that the shower strap is also comfortable to use. Force 60 gaiter is the lightest, so while this one is very comfortable it is possible that the stronger gaiters will be more difficult to use. We’ll see that in the weeks to come!

There are five successive pumping days in each week, with several stretches to do before each session. I’ll try to stick best I can to this schedule although there will likely days I have to take off or delay due to my schedule. That’s fine because I think most of you readers won’t be able to stick rigidly to a 5 day schedule over two months either. All values you see are increases and decreases from the baseline measurements, they are not accumulative values. Here goes.

Week 1 Results

Day 1:

Baseline measurements taken (length and girth, flaccid and erect). The increases or decreases you see are from this baseline and are not accumulative.

Erect size (after pumping)
Length:      Same as starting size
Girth:        Same as starting size

Day 2:

Flaccid size (after pumping)
Length: +1 inch (2.54cm)
Girth:    +1.25 inches (3.17cm)

As you can see, after pumping, the flaccid gains are higher initially than the erect gains. This is quite common with penis pumps in my experience. Still, the Penomet gives 1 inch to both length and girth shortly after use, which is pretty impressive… even if this is just a flaccid measurement.

Day 3:

Flaccid size (after pumping)
Length: +1 inch (2.54)
Girth:    +1.25 inches (3.17cm)

Erect size (after pumping)
Length:      No change
Girth:         +0.2 inches (0.5cm)

On day three you can see that my flaccid gains remained the same as day 2. The erect length has not yet begun to change, however there is a very small increase in girth.

Day 4 no pumping.

Day 5:

Flaccid size (after pumping)
Length: +1 inch (2.54cm)
Girth:    +1.25 inches (3.17cm)

Again, the same gains while flaccid. That’s ok because you shouldn’t expect real results overnight.

Day 6 no pumping.

Day 7:

Erect size (after pumping)
Length:      Same as starting size
Girth:         +0.1 inches (0.25cm)

So as you can see on day 5 my erect size hasn’t really changed much. In fact I lost 0.1 of an inch between days 3 and 7. However that’s probably due to the fact that my schedule forced me to have a break on days 4 and 6. From my experience using the Bathmate Hydromax, I know that these small fluctuations in size are normal.

See you next week for more results and gaiter Force 65!

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