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Top 10 Sexy Artists on Instagram

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We love art, especially when it’s sexy, sensual or erotic. Lately we’ve been enjoying the good work of these artists and illustrators on Instagram! This is in no particular order. We tend to admire artists who avoid the porn image trap. While some of these artists illustrate sex acts, the result still feels like art.

1. Regards Coupables

??Up in the air

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The illustrations of regards_coupables are both explicit and tasteful at the same time. It’s a difficult combination to achieve but in most of their illustrations they manage it. Using minimal lines and by omitting to draw areas like the genitals they come up with some interesting and sexy art. Also on twitter as @regardscoupable.

2. Petites Luxures

“…joy of receiving” #eroticdrawing #eroticart #erotic #petitesluxures

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Petites Luxures was the first instagram account for sexy art that I found. In fact I had been admiring their art for sometime before even joining Instagram. Like Regards Coupables, the artist is able to draw explicit sex acts in a classy way. On both twitter and instagram as petitesluxures.

3. Andrea Kollar

I stumbled upon the work of andrea_m_kollar recently. I don’t think it’s necessarily her goal to create erotic artwork, however her life drawing and nude drawings are very beautiful. I love the way she uses such minimal lines.

4. Fabio Bacchini

Fabio has a very interesting style of linework and like some of the others on this list, he can be both explicit and classy at the same time. He’s on instagram as _baccc.

5. Hiro980117

It’s a pity we don’t know the name of this artist. He usually posts his life drawing art, which is superb. He has an interesting style and you can find him as @hiro980117.


6. Maria Uve

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I love the illustration work of Maria Uve. She is also a little more realistic in style than others on this list. However her illustrations are always classy and sensual, which I’m all for. She’s on both instagram and twitter as @maria_uve_.

7. Broken Is’t Bad

The artwork of broken_isnt_bad is a little more surreal but this is another illustrator with very sensual work that you should follow!

8. Minimal Favors

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The illustrations by Minimal Favors can be a little explicit. However I still think their work is very classy. The level of details they give to the genitals is just enough to get the message across without it feeling like porn.

9. Flowsofly

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Some of the illustrations up on their instagram account are a little too pornographic for my tastes. However they also have plenty of erotic and classy illustrations. I like the messy chaotic style of their linework.

10. Jerome Rapin

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Jerome Rapin is another artist who mainly posts life drawing. The images are very beautiful and I find his style interesting though so I decided to post it here! You can find him as @jerome_rapin.

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