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Week 4 – Bathmate Hydromax Gains Diary

Bathmate Hydromax 7 x35 Penis Pump

During week four I was starting to see some impressive gains in length. I later learned that this was mainly due to increased erection quality.

It is said that the penis usually won’t have actual gains until over three months in. I was happy in any case. Remember that these values are based on my penis size before using the bathmate. They are not accumulative values.

Even though my maximum girth level wasn’t changing too much, Eve and I agreed that I was thicker overall. So while my maximum girth hadn’t changed, my penis had filled out and become more even.

Session 11

3 x 5 minute reps. Pumped to my usual size.

Before using the pump
Length: +0.35 inches / 0.88cm
Girth: Usual size

After using the pump
Length: Same length as before using the pump.
Girth: +0.1 inches / 0.25cm

Session 12

3 x 5 minute reps. Pumped to my usual size.

*Length: +0.35 inches / 0.88cm
*Girth: +0.1 inches / 0.25cm

Session 13

15 minute session without pause. Pumped to my usual size.

*Length: +0.35 inches / 0.88cm
*Girth: No gain

*All these measurements were taken after using the pump. Baseline means my size before ever using the pump (non accumulative).

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