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Are Bathmate gains permanent?

Bathmate Hydromax 7 x35 Penis Pump

Do Bathmate gains stick? According to my experiment, yes… and no.

One week after stopping use of the pump, my length had gone back to normal (meaning I lost the extra 0.65 inches (1.65cm in length). However my maximum girth was still 0.1 inches more (0.25cm).

One and a half months after stopping use of the pump, my girth is still bigger than it was before I used the Bathmate pump. I only noticed because regular sized Durex condoms no longer fit me (they did before). My girth was already above average though, so this isn’t a guaranteed result for everyone.

Be warned, other testimonials that I have read in forums and articles have indicated that Bathmate gains are not permanent. In order for the gains to be permanent, you need to keep using the pump or another form of penis extension.

I’m not too affected by this lack of permanency. It would certainly be great if the gains were permanent, although in a way I’m quite happy about that. There is no evidence that using penis pumps doesn’t lead to penis damage. The fact that my penis can more or less return to normal is a good sign to me.

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