This is a non-exhaustive list of policies. If you have any other questions please ask us via the contact form.

Getting your product reviewed

We review sex toys, so if you have a product you would like us to review, please send us an email. Please don’t just send us sex toys without warning. We will usually only review toys that we have agreed to receive. Either way, if you send us any sex toys we can’t send them back. Even if you dislike our review. We cannot remove the review either sorry.

If we have made a review of your product and it is unfavourable, we’re sorry but that is how the review is staying. We believe all of our reviews are honest and fair. So if we love it we’ll say so. If we have problems with it… we’ll say that too. If you feel like our review is unfavourable because we had a faulty product, you can by all means get in touch, say so and send us another.

We’ll always try to review products that are sent to us within a month. This might take longer during busy periods. If you have schedule requirements you need to tell us before you agree to send us anything.

If WE bought your product ourselves and reviewed it, the review is staying online. Whether you like it or not, sorry.

Don’t send us sex toys made of toxic or unsafe materials. Any sex toys made out of unsafe materials are going in the bin and won’t be reviewed.

The information you provide on your website must be thorough and accurate. If we find out that you omitted important information or made errors with important things such as what materials are used in a product, we will refuse to review you.

We expect you to make it clear to your customers what brands make products on your websites. For example, a We-Vibe product must be labeled as being from We-Vibe etc. If we feel like you are misleading customers on who makes the product, then we will not review you.

If you send us something to review by another brand, we will usually only link to your shop. However if your business practices turn out to be immoral, unjust or otherwise shady, we will remove links to your website. We will not remove the review itself.

If nobody from your company is willing to give us their name, we will not work with you. We are anonymous bloggers and we appreciate the need for confidentiality. However if we’re doing business, we need to be able to contact each other properly. We need to know who we are talking to.

If you sell your products exclusively or mainly through Amazon, we will not review you. If you actually send us packages from Amazon warehouses, we will not review your products.

We won’t write articles that resemble press releases for free. If you are need that kind of thing or have an interesting proposition, please contact us.

Usually it isn’t our primary goal to review lubrication, condoms and cleaning products etc. If you want us to review that kind of thing you can by all means ask, especially if you know we have reviewed your stuff before.

Another small but sometimes forgotten thing, please be polite. It is appreciated 🙂


Anonymity is important to us. If you are sending us anything or doing business with us you must under no circumstances share our identities. Any packages sent to us must have no sign of our blog name or pseudo-names Adam and Eve Rouge. If you disclose our real identities, we will pursue you legally.

Sharing our stuff

Please DO NOT use images from our website. We watermark them all for a reason. If you would like any photographs of your products from our website you can ask us via the contact form. Please let us know what you will use the images for if you do.

If you want to link to us, that’s fine. But if you are going to quote or reproduce anything on our website you have to ask us first and attribute us with a link to the original source on our website.


We offer small advertising spaces in our sidebars. Please contact us for prices. All sales are final and we reserve the right to reject whatever company we choose to. If we consider your graphics distasteful or we don’t like the things you’re trying to sell we won’t be able to advertise you sorry.

Affiliate programs

We will only join affiliate programs of our own free will although you can by all means ask us to review your program if you believe we would be interested. Usually we will require you to be sending us something to review in order for us to provide an affiliate link on our website to you.

On our review pages we provide our readers with direct links to the products so that they can buy them. Typically we will provide customers with our usual affiliates.

If you send us a product to review from your company, we will make you the exclusive affiliate for that country. If your website covers several countries you will be the exclusive affiliate. However in the interests of providing our readers with useful links, if your company does not cover the UK, France or America, we will have to provide other affiliate links. At the same time, if your prices become extortionately high compared to the majority of other retailers we may also decide to provide alternatives. This is purely a choice we make for our readership and we hope you understand.


If we feel like your company values don’t align with ours anymore we may choose to remove reviews of your products from our website. This is by our choice and it would be a very rare occasion for us to do so indeed.